Eric Podlin is a
web and graphic designer.


In 2007 I received a bachelor's in Digital Arts and Design from Full Sail University. I worked several freelance and in-house design jobs until 2011, where I was hired on by Weblinx and worked for several years as a designer/developer. In 2015 I moved on to work with Straight North, where I currently spend my time designing high-end websites for a variety of clients.

My strongest work is on projects that let me try something more creative and different. Be that a heavily textured design or maybe a minimalistic flat layout, I always enjoy being able to apply my own unique touch.

I'm a connoisseur of space, appreciator of fashion, and an expert at sleeping in beds. I believe that when it comes to art and design, if you feel like you don't know what you're doing then you're probably doing something right.

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Merrill & Houston's Steak Joint

Merrill & Houston's




design (responsive, bootstrap)

CM Lavoie & Associates, Inc

CM Lavoie



RJ Kuhn Plumbing

development (responsive, wordpress)

ABC Roofing & Siding, Inc.

ABC Roofing

development (responsive)

Gallagher Davis, LLP

Gallagher Davis


Technical Tool Solutions, Inc

Technical Tool Solutions

design, development

Henry State Bank

Henry State Bank

design (concept)

Language Stars at School

Language Stars at School

design, development (joomla)

The Executive Edge, Inc

The Executive Edge

design, development (email)

Merrill & Houston's Steak Joint

Merrill & Houston's Home Page Merrill & Houston's Inner Page


Merrill & Houston's is an upscale steakhouse in downtown Beloit, IL, with a long and rich history behind it. The restaurant itself plays off this history with a rustic, cozy theme. The client was looking to have a website that reflected this feeling, giving visitors an accurate look into the restaurant.

I greatly enjoy working with texture-heavy designs, and was excited to have hand at making a design that lived up to the expectations of the client. I initially started with a more metallic theme, but felt it didn't correctly establish the needed look and decided on a more earth toned, 'old paper' color scheme.

Playing off the color scheme I had chosen, I went to designing the site around the idea of an old, weathered advertisement posted up on a building wall. From there it was fairly straightforward as I gathered the elements together to fit the theme the client was after. Final accent touches included special borders for site photos and careful attention to the menu layout.

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SolvChem Home Page SolvChem Responsive Page

responsive design

SolvChem Custom Packaging Division is a full-service chemical packaging provider located in Texas. They were looking for a modern, responsive, updated site to help expand their business.

I was the designer for this project, working on a fairly short timetable to bring a quick turnaround. I used a color scheme that matched their branding, and used a "storytelling" type layout to help sell the quality of their product and services. This project was especially interesting as the design went through a number of revisions, with the final site looking fairly different from my first design.

Once the design was completed, it was handed off to a developer for implementation on the bootstrap framework. The entire project moved very quickly and was live within weeks.

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C.M. Lavoie & Associates, Inc.

CM Lavoie Home Page CM Lavoie Inner Page


C.M. Lavoie is a civil engineering and land surveying company based in the Chicago area, but with projects across the US. At the time they had just gone through updating their brand and were looking to have a website that matched their new branding, while having a personality of its own.

Based off their branding, I put together an overall look that used a lot of long straight lines and boxes. A blank white background was originally used, but I felt it was a bit too plain and ended up taking away from the content, so a 'watermark' background image of one of their projects was used. It gave the site a nice contrast between the rest of the bold, sharp, plain elements.

An attractive, project-focused slideshow was used for the majority of homepage content, and the internal pages were broken into left and right sections, with the right sidebar area in a contrasted brand red.

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RJ Kuhn Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling

RJKuhn Home Page RJKuhn Inner Page

responsive wordpress development

RJ Kuhn offers plumbing, HVAC, remodeling, and construction services to the Oswego, IL area. They were a past client looking to bring an updated look to their site, as well as having a built-in CMS and responsive design to reach a larger customer base.

I took on the role of a developer for this project, with most of the design work handled by someone else. The entire site is built into the Wordpress backend, including the forms and slideshow. It as well seamlessly displays for desktops and mobile devices.

The site is fully developed using HTML5 and CSS3 standards, including special tags like nav and section, flexbox syntax, and CSS media queries. The navigation is turned into a mobile dropdown menu via a mix of jQuery and CSS3. The slideshow is a modified BJQS script built into Wordpress using a custom post type plugin.

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ABC Roofing & Siding, Inc.

ABC Roofing Home Page ABC Roofing Inner Page

responsive development

ABC Roofing provides roofing, siding, and other outdoor housing construction services in Aurora, IL. They were looking to bring their severly dated websitse a fresh modern look that was accessable to all of their potential customers.

This project's design was completed by someone else and handed off to me for development. Creating the base layout, and then altering the design across several sizes, this website is responsive from a widescreen desktop browser down to a small portrait phone screen.

The site is fully developed using HTML5 and CSS3 standards, including special tags like nav and section and CSS media queries. The navigation is turned into a mobile dropdown menu via a mix of jQuery and CSS3.

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Gallagher Davis, L.L.P.

Gallagher Davis Home Page Gallagher Davis Inner Page


Gallagher Davis are a St. Louis based accident and liability law firm. They were looking to have a site made that fit several key factors: Match the branding of their logo (and if possible, display the "art glass" that is in their office somehow), cleanly display a lot of information, and provide attractive bio pages.

Incorporating the look of their logo was fairly simple, as it was a good color scheme for a professional website. I used the "art glass" as a background for the header, as it added a nice accent separating itself from the more plain look of the rest of the site.

I went through several drafts trying to find an effective method for displaying all the information they wanted on the site, and ended up with a newspaper-inspired layout. The bio pages I used a large intro image with a transparent info area, which really gives of a friendly, personal feel to visitors.

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Technical Tool Solutions

Technical Tool Solutions Home Page Technical Tool Solutions Inner Page

design & development

Technical Tool Solutions is a machining and welding supplier. They were looking to create a home site where they could display their several brands. The client had a very specific look they wanted for the site, and I went through several design revisions to perfect that look. They wanted to make sure their brands and products were always the focal point, while also making sure too much information was never on screen at once.

The main navigation is more of a secondary navigation, with the central section of the site providing the most relevant information per-page. The internal pages use a jquery accordion menu to display content, with the content sections appearing if no javascript is available.

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Henry State Bank

Henry State Bank Home Page

design concept

Henry State Bank is a small community focused bank in Henry, IL. They were looking to update their dated website to a more modernized design, along with more modernized branding. I used a deep blue and white color scheme to provide a clean, professional theme to the site, with auburn accents to provide visual distinction between important elements.

To help push the idea of being a community and customer focused bank, I used a large photo area to give the bank a strong personable feeling, and used a transparent overlay for the relevant homepage callouts. A short company slogan was placed in the direction of the smiling man to further solidify the customer-centric approach.

I also included a large clear area for current customers to log into their online banking account, as the bank had just begun rolling out this feature and wanted all of it's customers to be aware and have easy access to it.

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Language Stars At School

Language Stars At School Home Page Language Stars At School Inner Page

joomla design & development

Language Stars At School is a division of the Language Stars brand, that offers foreign language programs for pre-k to middle school students in the Washington, DC and Chicago, IL areas. The client was looking to have a site that effectively communicated the professional quality of their programs to schools, while appearing fun.

I had full control over this project, from conception to design, to final build of the Joomla based site. I created a design that played off the professional yet fun idea by using a dark blue color scheme with bright, colorful accents regularly used throughout the site.

All elements of the site can be customized and updated by the client, from the homepage slideshow and caption, to the callout buttons and site navigation. The sidebar for the internal pages includes a random cycling testimonial, with buttons that dynamically update based on the sub-navigation for that section.

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The Executive Edge Newsletter

The Executive Edge Newsletter

email template design & development

The Executive Edge is a organization development and strategic planning provider that helps other business be more effective. They are a client who I had worked with in the past, and were now looking into rolling out a new newsletter through Constant Contact.

The base design was brought from their preexisting branding. I wanted to create a design that was clearly from The Executive Edge, but worked well in the smaller and restrictive environment of email templates. I used the iconic "double-triangle" of their logo throughout the design, including as an accent for the content headers.

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Download Resume PDF

Professional Experience

Straight North - August 2015 to Present
Design website GUIs for Bootstrap or Drupal implementation. Also minor work in web development, and design of collateral materials.

Weblinx, Inc - November 2011 to August 2015
Designing website GUIs, building sites using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery, and making templates for CMSs like Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress. Also designing logos, business cards, and advertisements (both digital and print).

Advanced Media Network - November 2010 to August 2011
Tasked with daily editing and scheduling of videos for use on media screens, as well as designing new digital screen layouts, business communication pamphlets, and single page digital ads. Also installed and maintained on-site computers and screen displays.

Freelance Design
As a freelance designer, I have done a variety of projects for single persons and small business alike. Projects ranging from logo designs to full websites.


Full Sail University - February 2007
Bachelors Degree in Digital Arts and Design

Skills and Proficiencies


  • Expert in Photoshop, and very skilled in InDesign and Illustrator
  • Coding HTML5/CSS3 by hand
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript/jQuery and PHP
  • Proficient in template designs for CMSs, including Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • Familiar with mobile/responsive web design and SEO practices
  • Past experience with video editing/production and motion graphics

Computers, Technology, and Other

  • Skilled in the upkeep and maintenance of computer hardware and software
  • Technologically savvy: Knowledgeable in a variety of consumer electronics
  • 3 years of past customer service experience
  • Extremely good at video games